The word ‘Banagher’ comes from the Irish, ‘Beannchar na Sionna’, which roughly translates as, ‘the place of the pointed rocks on the Shannon’, so the Shannon literally flows through the town in every sense; the name, the history, the people, the way of life.  Historically the town’s position on the banks of the River Shannon attracted a thriving river industry, it was an important stop on the Dublin to Limerick navigation route, and was also of strategic military importance. In more recent times however, the town’s relationship with the river is of a more leisurely nature… 

Throughout the festival weekend, visitors to the town will be able to dip their toes into the water, and take advantage of some of the fantastic water activities on offer like; canoeing, kayaking, stand-up-paddle boarding, and the opportunity to try out as a crew member on the Sionn Mhara long boat! 

Of course if it’s a hot weekend, a paddle in the Shannon is the best way to cool off, and the public swimming pool offers the opportunity for a safe outdoor swim, as well as a beautiful view of the six-arch masonry ‘Banagher Bridge’, and the marina to the left, and the meandering Shannon to the right. Banagher is long famed as a paradise for boating, fishing and other riverside and aquatic pursuits. Cruisers can be hired from Banagher Marina, and holidaymakers boating on the Shannon can avail of the town’s moorings to explore the town. Join us on Saturday at dusk for our spectacular fireworks display.

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